Well done! You want to forgive, you’ve gotten to the bottom of what’s really eating you … now what?

Remember that the other person is . . . well, a person! Yeah, I know, they’re a WRONG person (but that’s another blog!). Look, we all trip over our own feet from time to time and, without meaning to, trip over somebody else.

If you’re like me, you’ve committed a gaffe or two and even some doozies, maybe some you’ve been too embarrassed to admit.

About my upset with my friend – – I’m sure she didn’t mean to hurt me. I’m sure she just didn’t know how to extricate herself from an uncomfortable situation. If she did know how, she didn’t have the courage.

Compassion – – seeing the other person as another human being – – is key.

Today, practice simply allowing that humanity. Your mind and feelings may sing a chorus of “yeah, but they were wrong” – – just keep coming back to compassionate humanity.

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