OK, here we go, Gang! On the first day of Christmas (or whatever random 12-day designation you choose) . . .

What’s the partridge in your pear tree? Is there something eating at you? Want to forgive and don’t know how? CONGRATULATIONS! Wanting to is the first step! Truly.

There may well be people, events you just “don’t wanna” (we’ll talk about that later).

For today, pick something you DO want to forgive, that’s been pecking at you and that you’d like to have fly the proverbial coop.

Let’s start with something relatively easy. For me, I choose my best friend who didn’t tell me she was coming to NYC for Christmas and didn’t make plans for us to get together. At first, I “didn’t wanna.”  Then, I thought it’d sound silly and petty.  JUST THE PERFECT THING TO SHARE WITH YOU, THEN!  It’s exactly those kinds of things that latch on like barnacles (pardon the mixed metaphor).

Here’s all you need to do for the next 12 days:

  • Show up here every day for the next 12 days.
  • Participate.  We’re all in this together, so if you’re struggling with something, chances are someone else is, too.  Remember, this is a no-B.S., judgment-free zone where we can turn it over, look at it, question, comment, and work it through together.  Aw, go ahead – put it on loudspeaker! That’s the whole point. Connect with folks may not know, respond to an interesting question or comment – ask a question yourself.  Your question may be someone else’s answer!